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Suzanne is reinventing, rejuvenating and reincarnating as Suzanna James, author of a young adult trilogy! Dead of Winter, Book One - Kathryn Shipley is haunted by the ghost of her past life in England. As she steps into her memories she finds her true self and reconnects with a love that will last throughout all eternity.

Apparently I have a blondieblog!

Pesky poltergeist Emily Ruth haunts ex husband Lucas Griffin whose only hope is local ghost whisperer Lila Abbott. Hijinks and romance ensue. Forever Summer. Patricia Stillwell wakes up stark raving blonde after using an experimental weight loss drug in Hysterical Blondeness. Jana Lee and Jillian Tompkins get into a mess of trouble when they switch lives in Switched, Bothered, and Bewildered! Remember that hot-headed redhead Paris? She's Ba-aack! She Woke Up Married! In The Mood was nominated for a Rita Award! A classic story of true love and hot fudge sundaes. Talk of the Town my second book from Summer 2003 One Crazy Runaway Bride story! Tom and Marla-a match made in Manhattan! Risky Business is still out there waiting for you!