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Suzanne had a terrific time keynoting the Rose City Romance Writers Readers Luncheon, a fundraiser for Oregon Literacy.

Check out my favorite funny website: The Institute of Official Cheer

Photo Album

Suzanne with Kate Austin and Alexa Darin - the B 52's!

Pamela Cumbie and her sister Jeffery McClanahan and our favorite brilliant editor, Lucia Macro

Pam and her sister Jeffery McClanahan are the two halves that make up Dixie Cash -- the Best Damn Romance Authors in Texas!

Dixie Cash and me

This is Pamela Cumbie! Avon party at the 2003 RWA conference. Avon Girls Rock!

The September Wedding: our oldest son Tad and his bride Tifanie!

My son Evan - Journalist Extraordinare and generally fun guy.

All My Children