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Lucas Griffin has come to Port Gamble for one purpose. To get the Griffin family summer home out of the clutches of his evil ex-wife, Emily Ruth Griffin. But before he can blink twice, she drops dead in the local grocery market. Now he's stuck with her ghost, and her little dog, too.

Lila Abbott has had her fill of rich summer people who crowd Port Gamble every year. Townie girls and summer boys just don't mix, and she's learned that the hard way. But Lucas Griffin has a ghost problem that only Lila can solve, and she finds herself knee-deep in Cheez Whiz while Lucas and the deceased Emily Ruth duke it out.

Working together to clear his name and get rid of their pesky poltergeist, Lucas and Lila find themselves falling in love. Maybe this will finally be the FOREVER summer for Lila Abbott.
Sugarplums and Scandals by Lori Avocato, Dana Cameron, Mary Daheim, Cait London, Suzanne Macpherson, Kerrelyn Sparks: . . . Suzanne Macpherson delights with a Yuletide fable about a perky persistent spirit and her haunted ex-fiancé.
Patricia Stillwell wakes up stark raving blonde after using an experimental weight loss drug, and decides to shake off her quiet personality and pursue the man of her dreams. But Brett Nordquist turns out to be her worst nightmare and her best friends Paul and Pinky think she's lost her mind. But Paul has been seeing Patricia in a whole new light and patiently waits for her to regain her senses, and her haircolor. Hysterical Blondness will keep you in stitches and warm the roots of your heart.
Two Two, Two gals in one! Jana Lee and Jillian Tompkins have made enough trouble for two books, but I put them in one. Pick up a copy of Switched Bothered and Bewildered for a great winter cheer-up.
My Favorite Redhead ~is Paris James, Marla's spitfire sidekick, has her own book! SHE WOKE UP MARRIED is the shocking tale of how Turner Pruitt the Elvis Impersonator with the mostest finally tames Paris. You won't believe what it takes to get her to say I do! Oh wait, she already said I do, she just doesn't remember. And hey, that wedding picture can't be real, she was wearing SATIN for pity sakes!
Allison from IN THE MOOD - Allison Jennings has been working her tail off her entire life. She doesn't even know how to stop and smell the roses. But she's going to have to face up to some hard facts, because her life is about to take a real twister. Her wild friend Bunny has no idea the hot water she's going to get Allison in over the Fourth of July weekend!
Kelly Atwood has really put her foot in it this time. She's in a real mess, and decides her life is a do-over. She finally follows her heart and ends up in Paradise- Paradise, Washington that is. In TALK OF THE TOWN Kelly finds love after she gets her own act together with the help of a few nutty friends.
Marla Meyers is not your average semi-super model. She's a complicated, talented woman who writes a popular mystery series on the side under an assumed name! In RISKY BUSINESS she meets her match . . well she meets her insurance agent anyway, and who would even figure she'd fall into his arms after the dust settles!